Cocky Catch-Up Collection

In Case You Missed Them!

This bundle includes my three previously released books, all for one bargain price! Enjoy a combined total of 261,000+ words, within! :}===<

For mature audiences; 18+ ONLY

Pay what you think is fair, or just the minimum cost. :} You can type in your own price, in your shopping cart!

These items would have cost 10 dollars if purchased separately! It's like getting one book entirely free!

Check each of the individual product pages for more information.

Fitting In: 141,000 words of CockSnakeTF and other various fusions, featuring a whole orgy of participants - TXT, PDF, RTF & ePub formats included

('Fitting In' sells for $3 on its own)


BLFC Room Party: 111,111 words of wild fusion fun with a sextet of sensual friends, shifting through a parade of passionately merged bodies in an after-hours party at the Biggest Little Fusion Convention. - TXT, PDF, RTF & ePub formats included

('BLFC Room Party' sells for $4 on its own)


The BIG Deposit: A collaboration with Pulsar wherein the carnal cardinal is in desperate need of unloading (and unfurling his extra bodyparts), and does so at a hyper sperm bank. [Extreme multi, hyper body parts, excessive fluids] - A shorter, but quicker and more densely packed story: Just under 20,000 words - Cover image and stylish PDF novella formatting from Pulsar! High-Resolution cover image, with textless version included!

('The Big Deposit' sells for $3 on its own)


[Files are delivered in ZIP format. You will need an Unzip utility to view them. Windows and MacOS have Unzip built in, but mobile devices may need a separate app.]

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