The Heavenly Hemi Package

You know that male snakes have.. TWO, right?

69,123 words of sensual serpentine smut, two tawdry tales of fusion to naga nethers, those legendary twins - includes a pile of CTF images by Maneframe, made just for this dual-part collection!

For mature audiences; 18+ ONLY

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So, what ARE the two stories? Let me tell you!

Summer Studies (44k words): (Available individually for $5, elsewhere in my eJunkie shop)

A simmering story about a student stranded alone in his college town, in a sweaty, sweltering summer - and the Serpent who comes calling.. with a certain sultry siren song, and sizzling, supernatural skills. (Includes snakeTF, shaftsnakeTF, CTF, hemiCTF, naga-shaftCTF, mass-transfer, Master/pet themes)

-TWO versions of the whole story!

-Includes an illustration embedded within the story, in each version, altered to fit the edition you're reading

-High resolution copies of the 4 different versions of the main illustration!

-Preliminary doodles and rough sketches of the illustration.



All the art in both books is by 'EnterTheManeframe', and was created especially for these sensual stories.



Sync Sin (24k words): (Available individually for $5, elsewhere in my eJunkie shop)

A smaller Fusion-Convention story (taking place in the same convention as the massive novel 'Room Party') - a huge hunk of a naga boyfriend and his small horse-girlfriend live out their fantasies in private, with a small pile of potions. (Includes one massive Hemi-CTF scene, excessive precum and the drinking thereof, teasing, foreplay, oral play)

-Includes an illustrated CTF sequence made up of 5 images (1 unique, 3 semi-unique and 1 messy alt)

-High resolution copies of all the images

-Preliminary doodles and rough sketches of the illustrations


Both stories come in the following file formats:

TXT, ODT, DOC, PDF, & ePub

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USD 8.00

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